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Jan. Ireland August 2018

_MCT7367On the road 5
_MCT7373On the road 4
_MCT7272On the road 1
_MCT7292On the road 2
_MCT7329On the road
_MCT6782Tandem and Carriage
_MCT7208Nina & Jan
_MCT6892Family Group 3
_MCT7191Nina & Jan 2
_MCT7116Mali over Jans knee
_MCT7182Jan (Mono)
_MCT7025Jan and Mali
_MCT7019Daddy's Girl5
_MCT6969Daddy's Girl 2
_MCT6998Daddy's Girl 4
_MCT6975Daddy's Girl 3
_MCT6968 Jan and daughter
_MCT6932Baby balance
_MCT6876Family Group 2
_MCT6884Family Group 1
_MCT6842Mali and Nutmeg
_MCT6791Dogs life b
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