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Tawny Owl (©Taylofoto)
Green Iguana
Kingfisher 1 (©Taylofoto)
Bluebell bumble-bee
Ferrets fighting
Company of wolves
Starling skyline
286. Twins
Damselfly and water lilly
Swan (©Taylofoto)
348. Tucking in
Returning home
_MCT1054Millie 3 (web)
Connemara mare
Murmuration 4 (©Taylofoto)
Proud puffin
American eagle
Mushrooms (©Taylofoto)
Frog 1 (©Taylofoto)
Summer Foal
Kingfisher 1
Wind beneath my wings
Horned sheep
Razorbill with sand eels
Hunting (©Taylofoto)
Natures fireworks
Sheltering Robin
Three gannets
95. Saltee puffins
Kingfisher 3 (©Taylofoto)
Acorn and chestnuts
82. Landing gannet
A circus of puffins
2. Murmuration of starlings, Meath
1. Meath starling murmuration
3. Starling murmuration, Meath
_MCT1119 Millie 2 (Web)
71. Black-backed seagull with chicks
72. Gannet stooping to land
Sand Eel Moustache
70. Black-backed seagull chicks
67. Soaring Gannet
A bill of eels
64. Flight to the fern
Puffin Perch
© Copyright Mark Taylor 2020. All rights reserved.
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