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Green Iguana
Kingfisher 1
Bluebell bumble-bee
Ferrets fighting
Company of wolves
Starling skyline
286. Twins
2. Murmuration of starlings, Meath
Damselfly and water lilly
348. Tucking in
Returning home
_MCT1054Millie 3 (web)
Connemara mare
Proud puffin
American eagle
Summer Foal
Wind beneath my wings
Razorbill with sand eels
Natures fireworks
Sheltering Robin
Three gannets
95. Saltee puffins
Acorn and chestnuts
82. Landing gannet
A circus of puffins
3. Starling murmuration, Meath
_MCT1119 Millie 2 (Web)
71. Black-backed seagull with chicks
72. Gannet stooping to land
Sand Eel Moustache
1. Meath starling murmuration
70. Black-backed seagull chicks
67. Soaring Gannet
A bill of eels
64. Flight to the fern
Puffin Perch
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